Meet the Maker - Camilla Carlow

Friday, December 14, 2012

Testicles made of apples!
Now that we have your attention please allow us to introduce the fantastical world of Camilla Carlow.
Moss kidneys and flowery lungs make up some of Camilla's stunning photographical work. A veteran Paper Scissors Stone artist she has also made some very cute felted robins and gift tags for your festive enjoyment too. We spoke to her about all things creative & Christmas.....

Please can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about your work?
I’m a fidgety creative.  I’m from Guatemala but now work in Bristol.  I like applying my skills to different disciplines.  The series of photographs ‘Eye Heart Spleen’ represent my interest in nature and the human body.  I’m proud of the work and I’m pleased people still show an interest a year after it was first created.  Other crafty bits I make because I enjoy working with my hands, such as felt Robins.  I also really enjoy drawing, so find great pleasure in illustrating, and find it very rewarding to turn my illustrations into tangible items, like gift cards or magnets. 

What do you think makes Paper • Scissors • Stone special?
Offering handmade to an audience that wouldn’t necessarily be exposed to it otherwise.  That and giving so many local artists like myself a chance to showcase their work in a prime shopping destination.  Being in the shop selling your things, seeing what works, what doesn’t, and what people respond to – that was an invaluable experience. 

What do you love most about working in your chosen discipline?
Never having a dull moment.  There’s always a crafty project on the go to turn to.  I’m also involved in a lot of video and photography work.  I love playing with light, one of my favorite things is being on the set of a short film arranging lights.  Like I said before, I’m fidgety, I have lots of disciplines!

Describe your studio or workspace?
My boyfriend and me share a study, where he’s set up for editing, and I’m set up for creative mess-making.  It looks out onto the park, we call it ‘Rosa’ because the room came with an awkward rose-colored wall feature.  We’ve come to love the space!

Are you involved in any Christmas Markets, if so what?
I was at the Christmas Steps Artisan Market, and will be at the Colston Hall Gift Fair on the 15th-16th of December.  I love how creative Bristol is, I always find those fairs so inspiring!

What is your favourite part of Christmas?
The songs, the fairy lights, and the fact it makes people feel like celebrating.

Which fellow Paper Scissors Stone artist would you collaborate with and why? 
I think it would be Jess Quinn.  Her dolls are such strong characters, they come from their own world, with their own stories.  I would love to photograph them in an actual world, like out in the woods under big trees, or make a set with lighting and everything!  That could be fun!

 If you could choose one Christmas gift for yourself from Paper Scissors Stone, what would it be? 
Aside from a Jess Quinn goody, it would probably have to be an illustration print by Tom Berry. 

Which is your favorite local independent shop or eatery in Bristol & why?
‘@ the Well’ on Cheltenham Road is a pretty underrated café.  It’s tucked away and easy to miss, but once you’ve been inside I don’t think you’d forget it!  A lot of thought has gone into the décor, and the fact that it happens to be a launderette just adds to the atmosphere!

What are your plans for 2013?
Seeing how far I can spread my creative wings, keep challenging myself and maybe a new exhibition or two!

What is your favourite Christmas song?
The Christmas Song (Chestnunts roasting on a open fire…) I’m currently trying to learn it on the ukulele but I’m having trouble with all those jazzy chords!

Finally if you were a Christmas cracker, what inside treat would you be and why?
In Guatemala we don’t really have Christmas crackers, so I didn’t grow up with them.  I would be a firecracker, since in Guatemala the whole city is awash with smoke and lights as we burn fireworks all through Christmas. 

Thank you Camilla, I like the idea of firecrackers at Christmas.
Camilla's work is on sale until the 31st December at Paper Scissors Stone and you can find her & a wide range of her work at the Made in Bristol Gift Fair this weekend.


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