Gromit Unleashed - Artist Interview, Lisa Hassell aka Inkygoodness

Thursday, August 29, 2013
Still not had a chance to visit ALL of the Gromit's on the trail yet?  Well let us guide you to a really gorgeous one... Lisa Hassell aka Inkygoodness tells us more about her dog...

Please can you introduce yourself and tell us the inspiration behind your Gromit design? 
Hi, my name is Lisa Hassell, and i'm an artist / designer, writer and founder of illustration showcase Inkygoodness! After living in Bristol for several years (and plans to move back one day!) I currently live and work in Birmingham where I juggle freelance projects and raising my son. My Gromit design is made up of colourful arrangements of swirling lines, organic shapes and contrasting patterns and textures, inspired by nature & my love of colour. I had a lot of fun creating the design which I think shows through in the final artwork. I sat down with a pen and knocked it out in a few hours, colouring it digitally with photoshop. 
How was it creating a 3d dog? 
Absolutely brilliant, but also a little terrifying! It's the first time I have painted anything on that scale, and I quickly realised that my original design was too ambitious – the combination of colours, intricate details and layering of paint required on the Gromit meant that I had to take the decision to scale it back a little – otherwise I would never have got him finished! It probably took about 3 weeks of intensive work, and plenty of late nights near the end – I barely slept the night before he was collected! I loved every minute of it – the project has been a fantastic experience, and visiting him in Bristol was a very special moment for me. The variety and quality of the Gromit's on the trail is incredible, and I'm very proud to be involved. 
Where can we find your Gromit? 
Poochadelic is number 63 on the Gromit trail and located in the grounds of Gloucester Cricket Ground until September 8th.
For more information please visit my websites: 

Thank you Lisa, wow your Gromit is totally psychedelic!  
If you look at the trail map - you can find poochadelic..

63 - Poochadelic
Location:  Gloucester Cricket Ground

To downlaod your own trail map please visit the Gromit Unleashed website.

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