Gromit Unleashed - Artist Interview, Hannah Cumming

Wednesday, August 14, 2013
Hannah Cumming is usually known for her beautiful children's books and illustrations, but recently she was asked to design a Gromit.  We are asked her a little about it...

Please can you introduce yourself and tell us the inspiration behind your Gromit design? 
My name’s Hannah Cumming, I’m a children’s illustrator and author. I got the inspiration for my Gromit design from thinking about the Gromit fever that the trail would start- he’s such a well loved character; he's clever, cool under pressure, and a very faithful friend, so I liked the idea of doing a visual salute to him. This would involve loads of characters wearing something Gromity! I had a few ideas, like people wearing Gromit T-shirts, the ears, but I decided eventually on using his iconic collar, as it could be worn in so many different ways (useful for jokes!) I also wanted to design a sculpture that you could really look at, where there was lots to see; crazy characters (and a few recognisable faces) & some silly jokes, and of course lots of colour. 

How was it creating a 3d dog? 
Fun and hard work! My work as an illustrator has been quite digital recently, so stepping away from the computer and the fiddly 2D images to paint a five foot 3D dog was a quite a change of scene. I couldn’t click ‘undo’ on Gromit! I usually paint with watercolours too, so getting the acrylics out again took some practice. But it was so much fun- getting your hands and clothes covered in paint again, working on a large scale, it was brilliant. I banged my head and knees on him quite a lot though, he had some awkward angles! 
Where can we find your Gromit? 
Collarfull is in front of the church in sunny Castle Park.

Thank you Hannah, Collarful is one our firm favourites.  If you look at the Trail Map you can find Hannah's Gromit at Number 28 - Castle Park.  More Gromit stories to come!

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