Meet the Maker - Lianna Sheppard

Tuesday, March 18, 2014
Last Autumn we caught up with Lianna Sheppard and asked her more about her range of acrylic jewellery 'Ocular'.

All designs are initially inspired by the concept of optical illusions, where through a trick of the eye, a flat object has the visual illusion of being 3D. The Jewellery, made from acrylic, that has been laser cut and etched in several unique designs. Each available in a range of different colours. With some recent exploration back into the fashion side of things taking shapes from within the Jewellery designs into prints and artwork.

Cube brooch by Ocular - Lianna Sheppard
How did you start your business? 
I began creating the jewellery following my MA in Fashion as I was craving a new project. 

Can you briefly explain some of the processes behind creating your work?
I design pieces on illustrator and get the acrylic laser cut for me (sadly I am yet to have my own machine!) then I make the pieces up by hand in my studio. 

Cufflinks by Ocular - Lianna Sheppard
What is your biggest design inspiration? 
I seek inspiration everywhere from buildings to graphics to the sky. Anything geometric tends to get my juices flowing. 

Earrings by Ocular - Lianna Sheppard
What is your favourite part of your making day? 
I love working with my hands so it would have to be when I am putting pieces together - I love the feeling of seeing the final result and thinking I made that! 

What would YOU like for Christmas?
Sadly my beloved mac is getting rather old so I think a shiny new laptop would be much appreciated, please Santa!

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