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Thursday, June 19, 2014
We adore our shop windows - Bright, beautiful and colourful.  Just like our gorgeous team, guests and their lovely work!  The team behind the iconic hexagonal decals are Saunders Creative. The Clevedon based sisters are super whizzy at creating decals and prints, some of which are for sale in both Paper Scissors Stone and Made in Britain shops.

Saunders creative was first established by Victoria Saunders with the support of the Princes Trust. Saunders Creative now combines the creative forces of twin sisters Victoria and Becky Saunders, working from their studio in the back half of their Artisan interiors emporium 19 in Clevedon, North Somerset.
Saunders Creative creates a range of handmade products including cards, prints and oak framed artwork while working on a number of creative projects producing surface designs & graphics. Our specialism is cut vinyl or 'Decals' these are designs or graphics that are prepared for transferring to any smooth surface and can be used to adored furniture, windows, and lots of other mediums. We had to find out more about them and the processes behind creating such as display...

Please can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about your work?
Hello, we are Victoria & Becky Saunders and all our design work takes place in our Clevedon studio and is made by us on-site and finished by hand. We work to maintain an artisan aesthetic, inspired by Vintage typography and imagery.

We also offer a bespoke vinyl cutting service for branding, window decals and bespoke decals for the home we often work will designer/maker & artisan businesses to create packaging, branding & designs for applying to another surface. 

'We use vinyl in a new and artisan way, combining hand drawn illustrations and graphics to produce decals, using vinyl in this way creates an unique and versatile product for adhering to any smooth surface.
How did you begin working in decals and window graphics? 
We both studied art & design at university specialising in surface design & fine art. With a passion for being creative we both found work in visual mechanising roles for companies such as Laura Ashley and H&M, It was here we discovered our passion for vinyl as a great product for advertising and branding. Our aim is to showcase how creative and versatile vinyl can be, stepping away for its usual purpose as a sign writing tool. We produce decals for a whole range of projects from commercial to private. This week has seen orders for Logotype decals going to a craft fair, exhibition stands, an office sign installation, a shop front graphics installation for a hairdressers, and bespoke invitations for a private customer for a 40th anniversary party. 
Where does your inspiration come from? 
We are often working to a brief or working the client to achieve their concept. However when working on our own designs we are very much inspired by floral paintings, old books, botanical studies & vintage advertising/ graphics. Our designs are whimsical and romantic. We aim to maintain a crafted feel to our work by finishing our products by-hand & working from illustrated designs. 
What do you love most about what you do? 
We get to work together and be creative full time! We probably work continuously, as it is hard to step away but if you love what you do, it really doesn't feel like work. We love introducing decals to a new customer who has never considered it. Most recently to a maker heading to trade show, producing their logo for adhering to their exhibition space. It is easily adhered and removed for temporary usage and their hand written logo translated great into a decal. We also get to be involved in some amazing creative projects happening around the South West and meet talented and interesting people. 
Your personal work is stocked in our shops, could you tell us more.... 
Our range of products including cards, prints and framed artworks, transform vinyl from its original purpose as a sign writing tool. Designs are adhered to the surface giving an embossed impression. Our designs reflect our love of vintage botanical studies and typography. Designs are whimsical and romantic and are created in a pared back palette of greens, cream and greys with a pop of burgundy, black and gold. We use kraft papers and vintage book pages in our designs. We want to celebrate craftsmanship with our products so designs as often hand drawn, we produce everything in our studio, with each design being hand adhered and finished. 
Apart from creating fabulous window graphics and decals what else do you do? 
Our design studio is situated in our very own shop, 19. The shop is looked after us while we work on our design work. 19 is an Artisan interior's emporium, selling a selected collection of handcrafted and vintage homewares. From painted furniture, lighting to handmade ceramics, prints and Annie Sloan chalk paint. 19 is situated in our hometown of Clevedon, a Victorian seaside town just outside Bristol in North Somerset. 
Our customers love discovering a unique independent on a day out. After taking in the culture of the area they want to be inspired by what they see. People, who will enjoy visiting ‘19’ love creativity, are interested in the stories behind the items they see and want to invest in their homes to create a space that reflects their personality and their lives.
Where would you like to be in the next 10 years? 
For us it's all about keeping going, staying creative, positive and enthusiastic and being open to new avenues, With new designs and projects being added into the mix all the time, we hope to be busy for many years to come. We love what we do and our aim is to establish our brand, growing our stockists & product range. We would love for Saunders Creative to continue to collaborate with other businesses & on projects.

Thank you ladies!  We love how you have helped us to transform the once empty shop units into the colourful and creative places they are now.

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