Hugo Grenville School of Painting

Monday, July 07, 2014
If you have a yearning to paint like a master, hone your skills or try something new, then this could be for you. In September 2014, The Grenville School of Painting will open in Bristol. 
Founded by Hugo Grenville, who is regarded by many as one of the country’s best teachers of painting, the course offers a unique one-day-a-week programme of drawing, painting and printmaking in the context of vital and relevant areas of art history, from the early Renaissance to 20th-Century modernism. 
Hugo Grenville is a well-known painter with an international reputation, and a past as colourful as his paintings. With 20 solo shows under his belt at major galleries in London, New York and Palm Beach, Hugo has forged an enviable reputation as one of the country’s leading colourist painters, resulting in invitations to lecture and teach from institutions such as Falmouth School of Art and the V&A Museum.  His fabric designs were included in the Liberty’s Spring/Summer Collection of 2011. He also writes regularly for The Artist magazine. 

The course is open to beginners as well as those wishing to move their practice forward. Hugo now lives in Bristol and following the success of his school in Suffolk, has decided to open the Grenville School of Painting in a beautiful studio off the Gloucester Road. 
Commenting on the new course, Hugo Grenville says, ‘Providing the desire and interest exists, everyone can express him or herself in paint. The object of the course is to teach every student how to develop a distinct voice with which to express his or her thoughts, feelings and ideas’. 
For more information on the courses available please see the Hugo Grenville website.

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