September and that 'back to school' feeling

Friday, September 05, 2014
September will always give us that 'back to school feeling'.  Do you love to get yourselves organised with a new notebook and sharpened pencils too?  Whether you are starting a new term, a course in higher education or just fancy getting organised at work, our two shops will help you get kitted out.
Accordian tote bag by Stephanie Cole
Pouch by Laura Thompson
We stock a huge range of notebooks, pads, pencils, pencil cases, cards, bags and other stationery goodies, all lovingly handmade for you.
Rabbit notebook by Sky Siouki
Pencil case by Miesje Chafer
So, instead of pulling out a supermarket style notebook to jot down your 'to do' list - go for something stylish instead and wow your fellow students or colleagues. 

Paper Scissors Stone & Made in Britain
Quakers Friars
Cabot Circus

Mon - Sat:  10am - 6pm
Sun:  11am - 5pm

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