Meet the Maker - Jane Kendall

Monday, June 22, 2015

We catch up with Made in Bristol stalwart team member Jane Kendall to find out about some of her latest artwork; available in our Made in Bristol Lab shop situated on Bristol's Harbourside.

Firstly please introduce yourself…
Hi, I am Jane. I make lino cut prints, I live in Southville along with lot’s of other of the Bristol artists.

Tell us about the themes of your work…
Often inspired just by looking out of the window which is why birds crop up a lot as a theme. I’m also very inspired by artists such as Escher which is where the transformations and patterns in my work come in.

Tell us about your creative process…
Usually gets scribbled down as words to start with – I write down what I want to do. And then I research – I look at images, whether ideas have been done previously and also I research styles if I want to do pieces in a particular style, for example Japanese wood cut prints, how things are printed and then I start sketching. Once the sketch is complete I start cutting!

What are you currently working on?
I am currently working on birds in flight with a two-layer print with lot’s of colours added into the first layer and the detail added in just in black on a second layer. Inspired by the Lab shop’s current theme of energy.

What do you feel makes your artwork unique?
Partly the papers I work on which are all different and all handmade and partly because I print everything by hand and include a lot of colour that is all blended into the same layer.

Which other artists are you a fan of?
As previously mentioned Escher, also Charley Harper, Kaffe Fassett for colour.

Where do you find your inspiration?
I read constantly, a lot of the stuff is just inspired by what I read as well as what I see around me.

What does Made in Bristol mean to you?
It’s brilliant because it gives me contact with my customers and contact with lot’s of other makers and it’s just given me a lot of confidence in what I do – plus I love working in the shop!

Ahhh she loves our shop as much as we do! Thanks Jane. You can find Jane's lino cuts, in our new shop, Lab Shop, part of the Bristol 2015 Lab. You can find the European Green Capital Lab on Bristol's historic Harbourside. Enjoy!

Lab Shop
10 - 6 
Everyday in the school holidays 
Fri - Sun in term time

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