Shaun in the City Artist - Bett Norris

Saturday, August 29, 2015

With the hugely popular Shaun in the City trail coming to an end next week we got in touch with Bett Norris to find out more about her amazing nature themed Shaun 'RAM-BLE'.
Please can you introduce yourself....
My name is Bett Norris and I work as an illustrator. I studied illustration at UWE and I’m now based in The Pithay studios in the city centre. When I’m not painting sheep I create work for magazines, packaging, greetings cards, logos and animations.
How did you design your Shaun?
The inspiration for my design came from the parks and green spaces here in Bristol. I also wanted to show how diverse Bristol is so I filled my park with different sorts of people. Painting my Shaun was a challenge as I’m used to working digitally - but I enjoyed every minute of it. The path was the hardest bit as it needed lots of coats of paint - it took me about three days in total. I worked alongside other artists at the Shaun in the City painting space, that was great as there were always people around to offer advice if need be!
Where is your Shaun located?
My Shaun is located on The Downs, on the corner of Roman Road and Westbury road. I knew it would probably be in a green space but I never expected such a great location. 
Why did you want to get involved with the 'Shaun in the City' project?
I knew a couple of artists who had painted the ‘Gromit Unleashed’ sculptures back in 2013 and saw what joy it brought to people in the city. It also looked like a a lot of fun! When I heard about ‘Shaun in the City’ I submitted a design and was lucky enough to get selected.
What is your favourite design?
My favourite design is Martyna Zoltaszek’s ‘Shaun of the Jungle’  I was a fan of her work before I met her and actually have a couple of her prints. I was painting at the same time as her in the painting space and her design is truly a work of art - it’s beautifully painted. I can’t wait to see it at home in the botanical gardens. 
Which neighbourhood do you call home?
I live on the edge St. Andrews near the park which is lovely this time of year. I normally wander down Gloucester road at the weekend; There are so many great charity shops and excellent  places for fruit and veg. I also like Street Food for affordable Thai food and The Gallimaufry for a pint!  

Wow thanks Bett, such a interesting and fitting design especially for Bristol's year as European Green Capital! 

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