Artist Toolbox - Essential Kit for Craft Fairs

Tuesday, November 26, 2013
This week on Artist Toolbox we are focusing on what to take to a Craft Fair.  You have made your body of work, thought about how to sell, practiced your salesperson patter - but what should you take with you on the day to make your life a little easier?

Here's our little guide...
  • A float - stallholders always seem to run out of change best to have a mix of coins & notes.  
  • A card reader? We have been using one in our shops for the last few months and they are really useful & easy to use bits of kit. Maybe time for a little investment?
  • A table & chair - check whether these are supplied at your event and assume not unless stated.
  • Business cards - essential for insuring future sales. Have these out on display for people to take.
  • Water (or a flask of caffeine) - talking all day will make you thirsty, don't miss sales by not bringing supplies with you (it will be cheaper too.)
  • Lunch and snacks - you will get peckish - maybe choose something smell & mess free though.
  • A pen & notebook - jot down any comments or feedback you overhear at the time, it will be really valuable but harder to remember later. Write down your sales too.
  • A emergency toolkit - plaster, sticky tape, clamps, spare labels, scissors etc etc. Anything you might need to fix any last minute niggles.
  • Wrapping supplies.  Bubble wrap, tissue paper, paper bags, tape.  Always add a business card with your sales too & maybe even a flyer for your next selling event (event organisers will be happy to give you some of these.)
  • A calculator & cashbox or a money belt (both is probably best)- for totting up all those sales &  keeping your takings safe (we recommend using a belt to hold notes and a cash box for  change.)
  • A smile - look engaged and welcoming.  Try not to bury your head in a book, always greet customers with a friendly hello. Pop your sandwich down if it is busy too!
  • Think about your clothes and footwear. If you are standing up all day make sure you wear comfortable shoes.  If the stall is outside, wrap up warm, layer up and wear your thermals! Our top tip is to find some cardboard to stand on outside as this will insulate your feet from the cold floor & fingerless gloves help you keep warm whilst wrapping up sales & making notes.
The first of the two dates for the Made in Bristol Gift Fair at the Colston Hall is this Saturday 30th November!  We can't wait!  For more information please visit our Facebook Events Page.  See you there!

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