Meet the Maker - Anna Francis

Wednesday, November 27, 2013
 We first introduced Anna Francis back in the Autumn when she took part in the Christmas Design Temporium at the Architecture Centre.  We are over the moon to have her back once more for 2014.  This time as one of the team at Made in Britain.

Here is a little interview she did for us back then...

How did you start your business?
I began my career in illustration over 10 years ago. I was part of a Bristol group of artists called D*Frost and had several exhibitions across the South West of England and London. I currently work part time as a graphic designer at Bristol Zoo Gardens and in my spare time I concentrate on my map illustrations. 

Can you briefly explain some of the processes behind creating your work? 
I find inspiration by studying local ordnance survey maps and the Bristol A to Z. The maps are digitally drawn on the computer and then printed on to high quality fine art heavyweight paper, using the Giclee process. The inks are pigment based to insure lasting quality. The contours, rivers and roads of our local landscape are highlighted, exploring natural and man-made forms and resulting in beautifully sparse, sinuous maps of the city. 

What is your biggest design inspiration? 

What is your favourite part of your making day? 
When an illustration starts to take shape and I can begin to visualise the final piece, that's when I can have fun with choosing the colours. 

What would YOU like for Christmas? 
More time to work on new designs, and happiness for all.

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