Artist Toolbox: How to write a Press Release

Friday, November 15, 2013
Like all creative people, you have been doing just that - creating. You have made a beautiful thing. Spent all your time, creating, crafting, evolving your talent.  All those hours of blood, sweat and tears, and now you are ready to set up a stall and sell it to the world.

But how?  How do you get people interested in your hard work? How do the public find you? How do you sell at craft shows? 
Over the coming weeks, we at Made in Bristol shall be sharing some winning tips on how to succeed at selling with our new feature - Artist Toolbox.
This week are starting with, 'How to write a Press Release'.

The Press Release.
  • Create a headline based on what best sums up your news. Make it short and punchy.
  • WHO, WHAT, WHERE & WHEN. Who are you? What do you do? Where is the event and when?
  • Write in the third person. This enables busy journalists and editors to use your work with minimal re-editing.
  • Be short and succinct and stick to your main points. Don't try to add everything all at once. You can always send a follow up Press Release!
  • Finally remind the reader where & when the event is - and why they should come to it.
  • Re-read your Press Release for errors. Re-read it to check you've got your message across. Perhaps have a friend or family member to read it through.  
  • Images - It's best not to send any images with a Press Release.  Write a line at the end that High Res images are available upon request.  If they need them, they can email.
  • When sending your Press Release try sending during optimum working hours, so that it is seen.  Avoid early morning, lunch breaks or end of the day and the end of the week (Friday afternoon.)
It is not too late to promote your involvement in our Made in Bristol Gift Fair (or Paper Scissors Stone & Made in Britain this Christmas.) The glossy monthly magazine deadlines may have passed for December but online listings, blogs and other media are much more immediate so search for their contact details and start sending!  

Also send us your press releases too and we will forward them on to our contacts if we can.
Remember 'The Press' always need content, so package your news correctly and they will be more likely to share. We will be holding workshops next year to help you refine your press release efforts too so watch this space.

Good luck!

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