Meet the Maker - Claire Gent

Monday, November 18, 2013
We are delighted to have jewellery designer Claire Gent joining us once again for 2014 in our Made in Britain shop.  You might have remembered her in the Christmas Design Temporium at The Architecture Centre last year.  We caught up with her back then to ask her about her work...

Claire continues to be one of Folksy's top 10 best sellers of all time, and you can certainly see why.  Her jewellery designs are stunning.  Here's more about Claire and her work.. 

Could you tell us a little about yourself...
Mum by day and jeweller by night, I work in anodized aluminium, sterling silver and a little bit of copper. I believe in creating original, well made designs at affordable prices and aim to learn a couple of new metalworking techniques every year. One of my key product ranges are aluminium cuffs which I illustrate and paint by hand in a wide range of colours.

How did you start your business? 
I was working as a product designer and started a silversmithing course as a hobby. It went from there really... for various reasons I left work, relocated to Devon and had a baby so then it seemed the ideal time to turn my hobby into a business. 

Can you briefly explain some of the processes behind creating your work? 
There are lots of processes involved in my work. On the aluminium side there are photo resists, painting and dyeing before the metal is taken into the workshop to be cut and shaped. Some of the metalworking techniques I use include roll printing, forming, piercing and riveting. 

What is your biggest design inspiration? 
I can't name just one thing! I am passionate about all things craft and love to see the amazing things people make, and some people's story's are so inspiring. I also love art, fashion, illustration and of course the lovely natural surroundings where I live so all of these and more! 

What is your favourite part of your making day? 
I love the design process the most and the moment when I finish making a new design is guaranteed to make me smile. 

What would YOU like for Christmas?
Hmm, well my wishlist is pretty long but I really covet one of Helen Noakes's resin polar bear cuffs - I might have to wait a few years though!

Thank you Claire.  A great insight into the person behind the cuff.  You will be able to purchase your own Claire Gent original piece of heaven at the Christmas Design Temporium.  

Christmas Design Temporium
The Architecture Centre
16 Narrow Quay

26 November - 22 December

Tue - Sun 
10 - 6 
'Til 8 on Thursdays 


  1. What fabulous cuffs, I just love the original designs!

  2. Just bought the Winter Jasmine cuff whilst on holiday in Torquay - beautiful, very original, goes with everything and very comfortable to wear! Today is its first 'outing' and have already had many compliments! Thank you.