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Monday, August 18, 2014
A few weeks ago Beth Kendall, daughter of one of our team artists (Jane Kendall,) worked in our shops as part of her work experience. Beth has written a little blog post about some of the beautiful things she spotted in our two treasure troves... over to you Beth!

During my work experience at Made in Bristol I found many gorgeous items created by the makers. The first items that really caught my eye, were these adorable paper weights (above) felted into the shape of badgers, created by Mirjami Designs. I loved their aesthetic and the delicacy of the stitching needed to sew it all together. These paperweights are very skilfully made and a really great idea. 
There were two items of Ellie Air's which I really love, the first being this beautiful necklace (above) which consists of a pale blue gem stone held by two silver rings. I really love this pendant because of the cut of the gem and the fact that there have been raw edges left at the end which gives it an earthy feel, and the way that it sits around your neck. 
The other product by Ellie Air was this really gorgeous necklace consisting of a raw stone of many different colours. I love this piece of jewellery because I find the stone awe inspiring, as I cannot contemplate what happened to it to make it like that, and I think it is amazing that you could wear something as old and incredible as that around your neck. 
One other product I found was this beautiful piece of jewellery by Rhea Clements. I love this necklace because to me the entangled embroidery thread looks almost brain like, and the glass body which surrounds it looks like a light bulb, which I really like as it makes me think of the necklace as symbolising great ideas. 
Another amazing item I discovered were these incredibly intricate buttons. These were created by Gabi Reith and are beautifully made with delicate designs. I really like the way that these buttons could be put onto anything made of fabric and completely transform and personalise it.  
The final items which I really liked were these necklaces by Kay Morgan. Although liking the necklaces was a big part of why I love this product, an even bigger part was that I loved the story behind them, and the way Kay started off because there were so many wasted circles of leather that she had to think of a use for them, and then that one good idea sparked off into a successful business. 
Thank you Beth! We loved having you with us in our shops and hope you enjoyed your experience too.  Your choices of products are delightful, as is your illustration of our Made in Britain shop window, how cool!

You can find all of the items shown above in our Paper Scissors Stone and Made in Britain shops.

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