Meet the Maker - Stephanie Wooster

Tuesday, November 25, 2014
Joining us at the Made in Bristol Gift Fair is knitwear designer Stephanie Wooster.  Stephanie designs and creates beautiful knitted accessories, perfect for snuggling up in this Winter.  We recently chatted with Stephanie about how she plans for a market...
Please can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about your work? 
My name is Stephanie Wooster, I’m a knitter-designer-maker. I work on a knitting machine with small needles and with the fabrics I make accessories and home products. 
How do you prepare yourself & your work in the months running up to the Gift Fair? 
My preparations start with a theme, something I’m fascinated by. I’ll draw, photograph and collect images that inspire me. Then I sit at my machine experimenting with different wools and colours to create a range of fabrics. Surrounded by colours, patterns and possibilities, this is my favourite part. 

Do you have any tips to someone who is just starting out, on selling at Christmas markets? 
My advise for anyone starting is to be a visitor, visit markets and think about why you like each presentation, what draws you in, from the matching presentation boxes to the friendly hello. If it feels right for you it’ll feel right for your customers. 
What handmade item is high on your Christmas wish list? 
I covet the work of Bristol based designer/maker Jessica Turrell especially her hollow form enameled jewellery. 
What is your favourite part of Christmas? 
I love getting together with friends and relatives, wrapping up in layers of woollies, scarves, hats and gloves for a crisp winter walk in the country. 
Which UK artist/maker’s Facebook or Twitter feed do you find most inspiring and why? 
Heartspace Studios on Facebook is a must for me. A collection of makers who teach a huge range of textile techniques in Redland. Their workshops introduce the most inspiring possibilities. 

What is your favourite family Christmas tradition? 
I love that my family tries to introduce a new tradition every year. From morning walks, toy races to singing and fancy hat competitions. Many only last a year but others stay. 
Finally, if you could re-design a Christmas decoration, what would it be and why? 
If I could redesign a Christmas decoration it would have to be Christmas tree lights so that they float, creating a starry night sky on the ceiling or drifting fire flies.

Thank you Stephanie, your pieces look so cosy!  You can find Stephanie on the Entrance Level.
Made in Bristol Gift Fair
Colston Hall 

Saturday 29th November 2014
Sunday 7th December 2014
10am - 4pm

Saturday 13th December 2014 
10am - 3pm

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