Gromit Unleashed - Artist Interview, Cheba

Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Following on from our series on Gromit Unleashed, featuring local Made in Bristol & Drawn in Bristol team members, today we are delighted to show you Cheba's stellar Gromit, Grosmos.  Here is a little interview about it's creation...

Please can you introduce yourself and tell us the inspiration behind your Gromit design? 
I go by the name of Cheba and I'm an artist from Bristol, I also run Weapon of Choice Gallery on Park Street. My Gromit 'Grosmos' was heavily inspired from Space and Hubble telescope images of the Birth of Stars and Nebulas. It's a style I've been playing with over the last few years but not put a lot of it into the public eye until i was really happy with what i was producing. 
How was it creating a 3d dog? 
I loved painting Gromit! I was also lucky enough to paint one of the WoW Gorillas for Bristol Zoo (24 Carat Camo) last year so knew what I had in store, I want to paint more and more! I hope more projects like this happen in the future as it's a great cause and great for the city. 

Where can we find your Gromit? 
My Gromit is situated on the 1st floor of Harvey Nichol's in Cabot Circus, where you'll also find some of my painted canvases scattered around the store which will also be auctioned off in September with proceeds going towards the Grand Appeal. I've also painted the entrance way and one of the pillars in store in a similar style to my Gromit. Cheba's 'Carina Nebula' print is also available exclusively to Harvey Nichols Bristol store and Weapon of Choice Gallery (bottom of Park St), limited edition to 100 A3 signed and numbered prints, priced at £35 with half the proceeds going towards the Grand Appeal. 
My website address is: Weapon of Choice Gallery
Twitter is Cheba_Bristol

Thank you Cheba, your Gromit is beautiful!  You can find Grosmos on the Trail Map...

32 - Grosmos
Location - Harvey Nichols, Cabot Circus

For more information please visit Gromit Unleashed website, where you can download a trail map or an app for your phone.

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